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Serbian ASSIST Scholar making a splash at Lawrenceville

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Aleksa Mirkovic of Belgrade, Serbia is known by friends and family as an amicable and accomplished student-athlete who likes a challenge, and this year, he is excited to belong

to an impressive cohort of scholars as a member of the ASSIST class of 2017-18. Aleksa is one of four young scholars from Serbia and it is his great pleasure to be spending the year at The Lawrenceville School, in Lawrenceville, NJ.

When asked about his year so far, Aleksa has said that staying in the U.S. has been an unforgettable experience for him, affording him an opportunity to see the differences between Serbia and the U.S. through living, studying and socializing with people from different parts of the country and the world.  It all began with orientation in Pomfret, CT, where “many students from different parts of the world managed to bond with each other in a short period, regardless of their differences, was also a pivotal moment. This shows the significance ASSIST manifests in the destruction of cultural, linguistic, racial barriers”, says Aleksa.  He is tremendously grateful to his host family, noting that “the attention they have given me is unforgettable. The Fosters have provided me with support and accepted me as a member of their family.”

One of the most satisfying experiences for Aleksa so far has been the contribution he has made as a member of the school’s water polo team this fall. Aleksa helped his team win the New Jersey state championship, scoring 27 goals in 5 matches throughout the tournament, and he was the team’s top scorer for the season with 100 goals. Aleksa notes, “I am particularly proud of our success because the team worked hard together during the season and it paid off.”

When not scoring goals in the pool, Aleksa considers math and physics his favorite subjects. His command of the English language is impressive, and he also studies German and French. Aleksa is currently considering studying computer science when he gets to university.

When he returns home at the end of this school year, Aleksa says that he, “will try to keep in touch with the people I have met, with the goal of providing the same or similar hospitality to those who decide to visit Europe and Serbia.”  Sounds like a plan Aleksa!