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How to Apply

If you’re interested in becoming an ASSIST member school, this is the place to start!

To apply please, contact Martin Milne, Vice President, at

ASSIST will be in contact to discuss your school’s programs, arrange a campus visit with ASSIST representatives, and answer your questions. Once your questions have been answered, schools that wish to pursue membership will be presented to the School Membership Committee of ASSIST’s Board of Directors for approval.


Each member school must meet these requirements in order to host ASSIST scholars:

NAIS Membership

Member schools must be full members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Student Scholarship Including Tuition, Room and Board

Member schools offer at least one full scholarship and reserve a place for an international student chosen by ASSIST.

This scholarship must include tuition, room, and board for a boarding student or tuition and a volunteer host family for a day student. ASSIST offers support and guidance when selecting volunteer host families for day students.

We also ask that schools do everything they can to eliminate or limit additional expenses such as enrollment fees, technology fees, and other costs that burden students financially. Each student’s personal expenses are the responsibility of the student’s parents, guardian, or donors who choose to underwrite a Scholar’s personal expenses.

Note: Scholarships are offered to students for one year only, after which the Scholar must return home to complete his or her secondary education.

ASSIST Representative

Member schools designate an administrator or faculty member to serve as the official ASSIST Representative. This person facilitates communication between ASSIST, the school and the host family and works with ASSIST to ensure compliance with CSIET standards and the Department of State’s regulations.

ASSIST Membership Fee

Member schools pay an annual membership fee, which provides access to all ASSIST programs and to ongoing support throughout the school year. For the 2018/19 academic year, the fee is $775.